The value of bitcoin

For many users this part of Bitcoin is not attractive and even repels them, since it seems that it does not contribute anything and most of the time it is simple speculation. Buy cheap and sell expensive. But the truth is that this model is causing Bitcoin to spread and reach more places.

The value of bitcoin has been changing over time and is based, roughly, on the trust of its users, its usefulness and its popularity.

It means that, in 2010, the value of a bitcoin was less than one cent of a euro, as many still doubted its security, efficiency and, ultimately, its acceptance. এর ছবির ফলাফল

This operative of determining the price through the purchase – sale is not different from the one that occurs in other sectors: currencies of legal course (Forex), raw materials, bonds, But in Bitcoin it has a double objective, since this at At the same time, being a digital thing, it has been key to its capillarization, with bitcoins reaching more people.

The value of a bitcoin, just like anything you imagine, fluctuates in value every second. And I repeat, like anything. Do you think the value of the euro is stable or any currency? Enter a Forex market and look at yourself, at every moment its price changes, and the same goes for everything: stocks, metals, even with tomatoes! We live in a dynamic world and everything goes up and down every second, even if you do not realize it or it is not so mediatic.

There is a lot of travel. What would happen to the price of Bitcoin if tomorrow Amazon decided to accept it as a means of payment? No one knows what will happen, not even if it will happen, but it is possible that it will happen just like with thousands of large companies, know bitcoin price canada